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I kicked off my birthday by doing one of the most spontaneous things I’ve ever done — getting a second piercing in my ears.

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Ein Tipp: Immer auf dem Laufenden über alles, was musikalisch in Hamburg und in Norddeutschland los ist, bleiben Sie mit dem NDR Ticketshop Newsletter.

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To begin with, the film is bookended by a pre- and post-credits video diary narrated by the nerd (Andrew J.

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Tumors and a tot: Learning how to be a new mom and a new cancer patient…one day at a time. Young Adult Cancer Survivorship By Steve Pake: “By sharing fully and intimately in my cancer journey, I hope that it helps to make your own journey through cancer survivorship just a little bit easier, and that you feel a little less alone.” 2011: Don’t be afraid to jump: Follow your dreams and live in the moment. Jen, a young and inspiring survivor shares her discoveries, lessons, and emotions about her journey in life.