Dating an emotionally damaged man

By approaching dozens of masculine women, especially the ones in suits, I came to the conclusion that those women pursue you than the feminine members of the same species.

Again, this is completely logical and definitely a good sing if you are into those kinds of crowbars. She can be direct and straightforward when she wants to get that job and there is no reason why she can’t be direct and straightforward when she wants to get that guy.

Shaking hands with a woman for the very first time can be a very sensual experience.

You look deep into her eyes, you hold her hand for a second or two and you softly caress her hand in yours.

As you can probably already imagine, the majority of manly women work in jobs that used to be dominated by men.

The most dominant sign of a feminine walk is when her hips move when she walks and when the gap between her legs is very small.

From my experiment I know that shaking hands with a masculine woman is the same as shaking hands with your middle-aged boss.

The feeling and the sensuality is the same as when your boss shakes your hand right after he fired you because you masturbated on the desk of his secretary. While I can’t really say that getting rejected by a masculine woman is completely different than getting rejected by a feminine woman (seriously, they can be very professional about this), things get weird when a man in a woman’s body is into you.

Yeah, shaking hands with a woman can indeed be a sensual experience, at least when you are holding the hands of a feminine woman.

Even if you are into masculine girls I highly doubt that shaking hands with them is something you genuinely enjoy.

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Her cute giggle turns into a cold and calculating laugh that she uses whenever she tries to network with a guy who might help her to reach the next step on the ladder of “success”.

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