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In past decades, climate change, including changes in precipitation, temperature, vapor pressure, and wind speed, has directly or indirectly altered hydrological regimes [1,2,3,4], and studies that identify the linkage between warmer air temperatures and the occurrence of extreme hydrological events or basins’ water yield have drawn decision-makers’ attention to natural resource management [5,6,7,8].

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: A headwater basin in the Sumava Mountains (Czech Republic), the upper Vydra basin, has undergone forest disturbance as a result of repeated windstorms, a bark beetle outbreak, and forest management.

The effects of different forest disturbances caused or triggered by wildfire, insect infestation, windstorm, logging, pollution, urbanization, agricultural activities, and management interventions on the stream flow have been widely studied at multiple temporal and spatial scales [24,25,26,27,28].

Appropriate environmental policy regarding basin management requires an integrated understanding of the hydrological responses to both climatic and changes in forest land cover, especially in montane areas, which are highly vulnerable to these changes [25,29].

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