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A special edition was also released of the subtitled version, along with a 40-minute making of documentary.A DVD release of all 3 episodes and the making of special was released in North America on March 27, 2001 before being rereleased as part of ADV's "Essential" range with a lower price on April 13, 2004.He highlights a lower quality of art in comparison to earlier volumes as a sign that Sonoda may have been losing interest in the series.

In Manga: The Complete Guide, Jason Thompson is critical of Sonoda's depiction of women as "thin-hipped plastic toys with pubic hair" and some "frankly pedophilic" plot elements.However, he praises the "skilled storytelling" and describes the English localisation as "excellent".Mike Crandol of Anime News Network was critical of the final volume Misty's Run, believing the previous volume would have been a better end and the "true climax" to the series.He made sure the story was interesting to prevent the anime from focusing only on the guns and cars.The music for the anime was composed by former Weather Report drummer, Peter Erskine.

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