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The first season follows Carrie Mathison, a Central Intelligence Agency operations officer who, after conducting an unauthorized operation in Iraq, is put on probation and reassigned to the CIA's Counterterrorism Center in Langley, Virginia.

In Iraq, Carrie was warned by an asset that an American prisoner of war had been turned by al-Qaeda.

Carrie has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a fact that she conceals from the CIA.

She surreptitiously receives medication for the disorder from her sister. Marine Sergeant who had been reported as missing in action since 2003, has been rescued during a Delta Force raid on a compound belonging to terrorist Abu Nazir.

Carrie accepts the position but her request to place a star on the memorial wall to commemorate Brody is refused.

He later relayed the information to Carrie that the main perpetrator of the bombing was still in the U.Carrie orders an air strike, supposedly killing Haqqani, and 40 civilians are killed as a wedding was taking place at his location.A survivor of the air strike, Aayan Ibrahim, after losing his family, returns to medical college where his friend uploads the wedding video from Aayan's phone. Carrie contacts another agent who reveals Sandy was trading state secrets in exchange for target info and Lockhart was aware of it.Seemingly free of being Nazir's man, Brody celebrates with Carrie at the CIA headquarters and both survive an explosion that kills Director Estes and many others. The beginning of season 3 presents the aftermath of a terrorist attack committed by Abu Nazir's people.Brody's earlier video confession, meant to be released in the aftermath of the aborted bomb vest killing of the VP, is released by Nazir's people to claim responsibility and is used to frame Brody for the bombing. Carrie is blamed for the CIA's failings as Senator Lockhart grills Saul, now Acting Director of the CIA, in front of the Senate Committee.

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