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In the Jewish-created which now exists in America, these Gentile allegiances are looked upon as “racist,” and for all practical purposes, that is, Jewish purposes, “taboo.” The leaders of these movements, such as Franz Boas in the field of anthropology and Sigmund Freud in the field of psychoanalysis, who identified themselves as Jews, have subjected white Christian culture to radical criticism while at the same time have Despite the current cultural programming, white people are coalescing into what I term “implicit white communities” in multicultural America — communities that reflect their ethnocentrism but that “cannot tell their name.” Why can’t they “tell their name?

A prime component of the Jewish movements’ attack on white identity has been the pathologization of Gentile allegiances.

To be more specific, the various themes of modern anti-Semitism all boil down to the Jewish role as a hostile elite whose attitudes and behavior are both self-serving and detrimental to the interests of the indigenous peoples with whom they reside.

This is evidenced by Jewry’s economic domination in many parts of Europe prior to World War II; cultural subversion via the Jewish role in the media and intellectual life (e.g.

Their presence at elite universities and their access to prestigious publication venues, is an important basis of their influence.

I am simply expressing, and with as much vigour, my own interests and those of numerous others.

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