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let me see: 'Who chooses (chooseth) me shall gain what many men desire.' What many men desire!Well, but to my choice: 'Who chooseth me shall get as much as he deserves.' I will assume desert. 'Who chooseth me shall have as much as he deserves.' Did I deserve no more than a fool's head? Some there be that shadows kiss; Such have but a shadow's bliss: There be fools alive, I wis, Silver'd o'er; and so was this.He half opened one eye, half because that’s all he could manage and half because he was more than a little scared… The voice was most certainly deep, not as deep as Barry White or James Earl Joyce but nevertheless pretty darn deep.Not as deep as an ocean but probably as deep as quite a deep lake. ” he pondered, whilst at the same time attempting to open the other half of the eye that was already half open, or any of the eye that was not yet open at all. I’ve come to request a tune, I’ve been told by my elves that it’s ALL REQUEST FRIDAY and seeing as I’m always being asked for things, I wondered if I were to ask for something whether I would get it or not.” “Oh my goodness me,” thought Chris.As they continued to laugh Chris felt this overwhelming sensation of being free, the more he laughed, the freer he became.He wished he could just keep on laughing until he was all done with everything.

” “I don’t know, it’s just that the world is full of people of all different colours and creeds, yet for some reason you’re always depicted as a white guy, I never got that.” “Well to be honest Chirstoff Lambie Pie, I’m whatever it takes, you see me how you want to see me and if you want to see me as a big happy black guy, that’s cool with me, I’m down with that man.” They both began laughing, Chris’ started to laugh like he’d never laughed before, Santa’s laugh was as loud as an earthquake, so much power, so much joy.

As he began to begin drifting back off into the land of giant fluffy pink elephants sipping exotic cocktails on Worthing sea front, he heard a humming, a melodic resonant humming that made the sheets on his bed vibrate. ” He listened again, as was becoming all the rage nowadays.

Well if it wasn’t the theme tune to The Magnificent Seven, a little jollier and up beat than even the original, no mean feat, as the original is pretty bang on in the first place.

“Ah, ah, no sir, there is no need to tell me, for I know which record it is you want.

I’ve always known, I just never thought I’d get to play it for you.” “Ho ho ho, I had an idea you might know what it was.” “May I whisper it to you just to make sure?

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Give me a key for this, And instantly unlock my fortunes here. Take what wife you will to bed, I will ever be your head: So be gone: you are sped.

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