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Her husband talked to the driver, then turned and said, “He knows a place where we can stay.” Tania was hesitant. But she told herself not to have a public meltdown. She and the kids were so exhausted they could barely stand.

So the family piled onto the bus, squashing into seats with a dozen others.

According to the girl, the Afghan pushed her into the ice-cold river.

He then jumped into the water himself and tried several times to drown the girl.

They’d headed for the eastern Turkish city of Gaziantep, about thirty miles from the Syrian border, where people spoke Arabic and her husband could find work.

He was a jihadist—soon to become one of the most senior Westerners in ISIS—who dreamed of helping form a caliphate, an Islamic kingdom to rule the world.

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Human rights groups in the North African country had campaigned for the ban’s abolition, saying it undermined the fundamental human right to choose a spouse.

It was an enormous relief just to sit down and close her eyes. As the bus rolled through the predawn darkness, carrying the family south of the city, Tania began to suspect they were headed for Syria. She looked out the window and saw graffiti on a wall.

Her husband had been wanting to go there; he’d been talking about it for weeks, but she had vehemently objected. The country had become one of the most dangerous places on earth, with rebel groups, terrorists, and warlords all fighting with the ruthless government. Scrawled in broken English, it read, “Welcome in Syria.” s a girl growing up in a suburban town north of London, Tania Joya liked the usual things—riding her bike, hanging posters of fluffy animals on her walls, and dancing around her room to house and garage music—but she felt unwanted, both at home and in her community.

The family had been living like nomads for a decade, and she was sick of it.

As Tania argued with her husband, a rundown minibus pulled up, letting people on and off.

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