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There are widespread fears that one major attack is all it would take for the Trump administration to come up with a collective punishment for the nation’s 3.3 million Muslims.Indeed, President Donald Trump condemned the New York attack, called the suspect an “animal,” and urged the death penalty for him, all while the investigation was ongoing.Critical Images.check Image For Criticality(this);" /There is a need for change.There are several local and global movements that are gaining a ground swell of public support by pressuring local representatives and academic institutions to divest from fossil fuels, to adopt legislation that is supportive of local and cooperative enterprises, and to enact policies against environmentally destructive activities.In almost all but some cities, commuters are set up for car travel for miles on end for lack of robust public transport (ref: Dallas, Atlanta).We purchase our groceries from big box retail outlets—the end points of a polluted global supply chain—because we have no other local options available, and if we do, they are financially out of reach (ref: Walmart, Target).The divine declaration of offers us a formula for evaluating our decisions in relation to the environment, as it does for almost every other aspect of our life.Unfortunately, the human-to-nature relationship in this world is not predicated on this well-balanced framework, but on the idea that humans are justified in dominating the natural world for self-preservation and unbridled growth, in perpetuity.

But I want to shed light on the importance of concerning ourselves with what is now being referred to as the defining challenge of our time—climate change.The outpouring to reclaim the phrase was prompted by the deadly attack in New York City in which authorities said the suspect, an Uzbek national, shouted, “Allahu akbar,” after rampaging down a bike trail in a truck.Within hours, the Arabic words appeared in national headlines, splayed most prominently on conservative sites with a clear anti-Islam bias.It’s no surprise that humans are far away from what is expected of them in regards to their engagement with nature when we see its consequences in phenomena like climate change.This exploitative human-to-nature relationship originates from a version of ‘individualism’ that advocates self-centered conduct and upholds freedom of individual action over collective endeavors.

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