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It’s all told from Margaret’s point of view, emphasizing the personal journey of growing up and into yourself alongside the love story.

We see her evolve from an awkward outcast to the woman who is ready to face her heartbreak and take the leap for a second chance, which makes the romance feel even more meaningful.

But the banter and brilliance of Mac Lean’s writing are there, too, nevertheless.This small-town second-chance romance is full of tenderness and heart.It’s more than a second-time-around story, too — we get to witness all the details of Margaret and Courtney first falling in love in high school, then breaking up in college, and finally reconnecting years later.A football player with an anger problem, serving six months of house arrest for assault — not the most sympathetic hero at first glance!But first glance is just a starting point, in this case a starting point for transformation, growth, and truly earning that happy ending.

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