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To show a little graphic image along side with your text box when your validation fails is a neat idea.I borrowed this implementation by overriding The error message shows up when you hover your mouse on this image. The sample page has five different types of validations using different data types.In the controller, add the following code for Create Action methods: Run the application and enter values for Name, Birth Date, and Income.

- I just thought I should point out that anyone looking at using this code should know that they may need to extend it a lot if they want to use it in a live application.

Ok for this you can inherit the Text Box class and IValidator simultaneously it will look like this class Customtext Box : Text Box, IValidator All the Best....

As a previous answer mentioned, there is the AJAX Toolkit Controls you can download - check out these pages Control Toolkit/Samples/ Releases.aspx?

Microsoft provides and it serves the same purpose in general. Pat showed us how to implement and I struggled to implement data type checking for various data types so that we do not need to implement different controls for various data types.

Through self-validating control, I have to do less typing and there are less controls on the web form. An excellent tool by Jay Freeman shortened my struggle to implement the same functionality as provided by control and I used the same API for range and data type checking. Through Jay's tool, you can peep through how great minds at Microsoft do the development.

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More information about Custom Data Annotations can be grabbed from here.

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