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He’s not going to ask whether I really need a second glass of wine. He is actually a robot, crafted from thin hand-sculpted silicone stretched over a durable plastic skeleton, and can be programmed to do whatever I want him to, whether that is placing an internet shopping order or complimenting me on my haircut.

If, at some point, I feel like inquiring as to whether my bottom looks big in my new red dress, I know what his response will be. He is the brainchild of robotics expert Adam Kushner, and I’ve volunteered to give him a test run to see whether robots might one day replace our husbands — or, specifically, my perfectly good current version, Justin, to whom I’ve been married for 15 years.

The robot’s makers believe it could be extremely useful in situation like the Fukushima disaster when radiation levels are too deadly for humans and the current wheeled robots are not responsive enough.Alfie is a little taller than my Mark 1 husband, Justin. His walking, for example, hasn’t been perfected yet (his torso can be fitted onto mannequin legs or a tripod).He has piercing blue eyes, the thick rumpled hair of a romantic novel hero and a firm jaw. His face costs around £1,000 and the basic robot head starts from £6,000. Also, any changes to his functions and capabilities have to be done at Adam’s company, Robots Of London headquarters, by a programmer, whereas I was rather hoping for a remote control, with adjustable settings for argumentative, quiet and romantic, depending on whether I fancied a cuddle or a row. Also, despite having the entire knowledge of the world packed into his ‘brain’ in the form of the internet, Alfie isn’t able to dress himself yet.Interest in humanoid robots is at an all-time high.On October 6 the long-awaited movie sequel Blade Runner 2049 is released, with a plotline heaving with robots, known as replicants, that will whet the appetite of science fiction lovers everywhere.

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It sounds creepy, but you can see why they could be handy: lifting the infirm out of the bath, calling for emergency assistance and offering reminders to take medication — as well as directing guests to the right room when arriving at a hotel.‘Travel to Japan or China, and chances are a vaguely human-looking robot will be directing you to your room,’ says Adam, who provided the first UK robot receptionist back in February and can now barely keep up with demand.

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