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Stoker describes Dracula moving through the graveyard: ‘What it was, whether man or beast, I could not tell.’The biggest manmade mound in Europe.

About the size of a small Egyptian pyramid, Silbury Hill was built around 2400 BC, but with no signs of any burial inside, the purpose of Silbury is still one of the great mysteries of prehistory.

But you wouldn’t have thought it was a 1645 fortress, built by Royalist forces.

Some have suggested the grotto was used by early freemasons or as far back as the Knights Templar at the time of the Crusades; others that it was a local nobleman’s folly.

All that’s known for sure is the type of shells that were used: from oysters, cockles and whelks to mussels, limpets and scallops.

A local fifth-century holy man bequeathed his name to the glen.

King Arthur and his knights are said to have been blessed in the holy water before seeking out the Holy Grail.

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