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There was that restaurant scene with Steve Carell, and I was really nervous because it was just Michael and Erin. “Subtle Sexuality.” Are we going to see more of those? In terms of the web, I hope there’s another “Subtle Sexuality.” There has been talk of that happening. I do this one-person show, and the director gave me a compliment: ‘It was Mc Sweeney’s on the stage.’ Which I sort of like. When we last saw Erin and Andy together, they had slowed things down considerably.And of course, Steve is such an amazing improviser, I thought, And at the end of the day, it turned out fine. When we read it at the table read, I thought, Does that happen a lot where great lines don’t make it into the show? The first few episodes of mine that I watched, they would cut stuff out and I’d be like, "I did a bad job! I hope that comes true, because I can’t think of something more fulfilling than being in gold spandex dancing with Mindy. Will their relationship be coming back in the finale?

The song is also almost maddeningly catchy, in the way that a couple of music-based “Saturday Night Live” digital shorts have been.

Speaking of which, there have been reports that Steve Carell will make the next season of his last.

I had heard rumblings of that, or things that I picked up at the craft-service table — not from his mouth.

How did you adjust to being a full-time cast member this year?

It’s the coolest thing that has happened, I guess, in my life.

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