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Get ready because it's time for fans to channel their inner Sheriff Jim Hopper to solve the case of: is this Charlie Heaton, better known as lovable loner Jonathan Byers, posted a black and white photo from Paris.The caption was simply "La vie en gris." Translated into English, it means "life in grey." Look closely, and you'll notice a familiar face in this very gray photo: Natalia Dyer, a.k.a. This photo in no way confirms the two co-stars are dating.

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star Finn Wolfhard is playing super coy when it comes to his relationship status, despite a massive shipping movement from fans calling for him to date his on-screen star Millie Bobby Brown — who plays Eleven to his Mike Wheeler. "Having 250 people looking at you kissing someone is like, 'Whoa! Looks like Millie and Finn aren't interested in each other romantically and for the time being, their relationship is strictly platonic and professional.

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  1. Kim is said to have been traumatized by the horrifying incident, which took place during the early hours of the morning, after she had returned from a fashion week event.