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Storms took a third medical leave from February 16-July 24, 2017 and her character's absence was explained onscreen.

Maxie has been portrayed by several child actresses, since her on-screen birth in October 1990: Twins Chelsey and Kahley Cuff from 1990-91. Twins Elaine and Melanie Silver from December 1992 to sometime in 1993.

Maxie's relationship with Mac is great and as for her relationship with Frisco, it is non-existent at this point. Matt Hunter from May 2012 until their divorce in October 2012.This was only expected to be for a couple months, but had to be extended when Storms was not ready to return.On January 9, 2012, it was announced that Kirsten Storms was expected to return to the screen in late February 2012. On May 29, Kirsten released a statement on Twitter saying that the reason she is taking a break from GH is due to skin issues (her skin is breaking out due to stress) that are getting hard to cover up.She has a daughter named, Georgie, who was born in August of 2013, through a one night stand with her ex-fiancé, Damian Spinelli.She gets along relatively well with Spinelli's girlfriend, Ellie. Nathan West until his death in 2018 and is currently expecting their first child together.

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