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Also if there was any kind of relationship going on, don't you think the girl would have been at the Olymics cheering him on.

Also reporters did mention that some of the other US swimmig team had girl friends, so they squeezed in that with their 80 hours a week in the pool.

As a female I can recognize another female a mile off with the overbearing use of the word "sorry", r4-frau I'm looking at you. If he is gay, he'll have to stay in the closet for a long, long time or lose the money. I was only average, but a few guys on my team were competitive nationally.No run along before a house drops on you.r41 is correct.Matt Lauer interviewed the coach about being his father figure.His body is totally hotwired for swimming greatness. He's not out fucking around, with men or women, because he's been spending the last 10 years trying to accomplish something no other human being has ever done.He has the wingspread of a condor, a really long torso and short little legs, size 14 feet, a pinhead and big flipper hands. Jesus..over it you lazy fucks...everybody thinks sex is a priority.

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If he is in the closet, unless he beards up quick (which he might), people would probably start to openly wonder about his sex life and why he's never seen with women, a girlfriend, etc.

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